Overheard in Quarantine: We're Solving Your Beauty and Fashion Dilemmas

It feels like day 10,294,830, and we, like the rest of the world, are still in quarantine.
Although we’re continuing to shift our daily routines as we try to achieve whatever “normalcy” looks like these days, one of the silver linings is the extra attention we can give our skin and our wardrobes at the moment. We asked our readers for their most pressing beauty and fashion dilemmas they’d like us to solve. Read on to get the scoop!

The Dilemma: "My skin is breaking out because I’m using sunscreen nonstop. What clean sunscreen solutions can I use to take care of my skin?"

Sunscreen should be part of your beauty routine 365 days a year, but in the summer it’s more important than ever to make sure you're applying a strong SPF on a regular basis. If you're not used to wearing so much product on your face, it can easily cause breakouts. Choosing a clean sunscreen can help solve this problem, and one of our favorite clean skincare brands is Soleil Toujours.

Soleil Toujours' products aren't like most sunscreens: their clean formulas are free of harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, silicones, and sulfates. Instead, their products contain serious superpower ingredients that provide your skin with a broad-spectrum UVA & UVB ray protection to your skin and have anti-aging properties. 

For use on your face, we recommend the Extrème UV 100% Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 45. Breakouts are commonly caused by clogging your pores, and Heavy sunscreen layered under your beauty routine can be a major culprit of breakouts and clogged pores, but this Soleil Toujours product was designed for daily use and is light enough to layer under your makeup. 

For your body, opt for Soleil Toujours' Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist SPF 50. The formula is organic, which means you won't find chemicals that can cause skin sensitivities or breakouts like oxybenzone or octinoxate. Instead, you’ll find powerful antioxidants and nutrients that will help your skin.

The Dilemma: "How can I keep my makeup and skin looking fresh in the summer humidity?"

Summer humidity can mean your makeup products can quickly fade away. The right products can make all the difference here, from start to finish. As you start your routine, apply an SPF that was made for layering, like Soleil Toujours'  Extrème UV 100% Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 45 or their 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. Both options will layer seamlessly under your primer, which will help hold the entire look in place.

You should also opt for products formulated with SPF specifically because those items were made to withstand the summer heat. Soleil Toujours' Perpetual Radiance Eye Glow + Illuminator SPF 15 will do the trick–it will protect the delicate skin under your eye area and provide brightening benefits that will serve as the perfect base to your glowy summer skin look. Finally, another key to making sure your makeup will withstand even the hottest summer days is to use a setting spray as the final step in your beauty routine. Here at SN, we love Caudalie's Beauty Elixir–it will keep your look in place no matter what comes your way. 

The Dilemma: "How can I style basics for everyday wear?"

Basics are an obvious closet staple–a classic white t-shirt will never go out of style. But when choosing your basics, make sure you're opting for luxe fabrics and a flattering fit.  Enter: Jason Scott. The brand's tops are far from "basic." In fact, they're made from a 100% pima cotton, a lightweight and breathable fabric to keep you cool no matter what the day has in store. The fit is slightly cropped, so you can pair with your favorite high-waisted bottoms for an elevated look. 

When styling a basic for everyday wear, you can decide to dress it up a bit. After all: basic does not mean boring! Statement accessories make all the difference. Add some layered jewelry pieces from Alexa Leigh (we recommend the Something Navy stack) and a brightly colored bag from Poolside for an even more elevated look. 

The Dilemma: "I’m tired of wearing uncomfortable briefs and underwear. Where can I find comfortable designs?"

Comfortable underwear is not easy to come by. Between harsh fabrics and awkward fits, it can be difficult to find the perfect combination for you. Stripe & Stare set out to create the world’s most comfortable knickers, and they found the key to making that a reality: their innovative material. Stripe & Stare uses a Lenzing MicroModal fabric, which is sustainably sourced from Beechwood Trees. It’s naturally soft and uses 95% less water in the production process than cotton, which makes their products even more sustainably-minded. The fabric is incredibly breathable and can conform its shape to your body, to help you achieve the most comfortable fit imaginable.

Perhaps most importantly, these knickers were designed by women for women. That means solving many of the common underwear issues women know well (like visible panty lines or underwear riding up) was at the forefront of the innovation process. The result is a perfectly cut, thoughtfully designed, and supremely comfortable underwear that will make you rethink everything in your underwear drawer. Because isn’t it finally time to choose comfortable and still effortlessly chic undies?!