Something Sustainable: Inside Italy's Manteco Factory

Our September Collection marked the introduction of SN’s outerwear pieces, which included a few very special designs made with sustainably-sourced fabrics from Manteco.

Manteco is a leading textile and production company based in Tuscany, Italy. They have been pioneers in the world of high-end sustainable fabrics since 1943. The company was originally founded as a spinning mill, and since then Manteco has developed a rich, decades-long history of using high-end recycled fabrics in garments.

In 2008, the company introduced BiBye, their signature double fabric that can be made with either recycled or new wool. For the Something Navy collection, we created pieces out of Manteco’s recycled BiBye fabric, which is made of up to 60% recycled wool. Manteco also has a zero-waste philosophy, another component of their dedication to sustainability.

Manteco became the first company in the world to create a Life Cycle Assessment analysis on the recycled wool fabric, so they could properly analyze how their fabrics stack up to newly spun fabrics. The results are staggering–Manteco’s recycled yarns produce less CO2 emissions plus they use less energy to produce and require less water consumption when compared to “virgin” fabrics.

For the Something Navy collection, we incorporated Manteco’s sustainable fabrics into our jackets and blazer designs. The resulting pieces have iconic Italian features, like traditional suiting accents, in recycled wool fabrics. Those fabrics are beautifully weaved together in a highly durable and breathable style, resulting in the SN collection staples you can shop right here.

Take the Sawyer jacket, which has a shirt-inspired silhouette in the cozy wool blend fabric that will keep you warm all season long. Our best-selling Brooklyn blazer has a dual plaid combination for a supremely versatile statement piece, while the Marley plaid blazer is a classic Italian suit-inspired jacket in an iconic red plaid.

Shop the SN Manteco pieces below, and you can learn more about the factory and their sustainable production process here.