Fall Closet Clean Out: Insider Tips for Selling with The RealReal

Hi, my name is Kate Conway and I am a shopaholic.

After a 50+ lb weight loss, I knew it was time to get rid of clothes that were too large for me–I was ready to make a change and earn a little money while doing it. I had never sold any of my clothes before (I always went the donation route) but this time I knew I wanted to sell. I had a friend who had successfully sold with the RealReal so I decided to give it a shot. The RealReal consultants would come over to my apartment, assess my items, and pack them up for sale, and the rest is history.

I felt attached to so many of my pieces, but I realized there is someone out there that will love it even more. I ended up with over 200 items, from designer investment pieces to accessories, ready to sell, and my items starting selling within the first day. It was so exciting to see my RealReal Rewards status go up. I am now a VIP member and receive a 70% commission rate, along with priority processing, free First Look membership, $100 site credit and a luxury shopping experience in store. To date, I have made over $10,000 in commissions, saved 198 kg of carbon and nearly 12,000 liters of water.

I am currently working on my next big consignment, and here are some insider tips to maximize your selling opportunities:

  1. Sell a few big ticket items to try to go from Insider to VIP quickly. My consultant guided me on selling some jewelry that was currently trending, so I could go from receiving 55% to 70% in commission. This will maximize your earning potential on smaller ticket items.

  2. Make sure everything you have is clean! This may sound obvious, but I had a few items not taken or sent back because they had some minor stains. I was able to get them cleaned and send them right back. Wipe down the insides of all your shoes, dry clean or wash any clothing, shine/polish any jewelry and mend any slightly broken items.

  3. There is a customer out there for everything! You may not think something will be accepted or sell well, but some really old items from popular brands were some of my top-performing items.

  4. Before your consignment appointment, check on their website to see which brands they are currently accepting. They sometimes make exceptions, so be sure to inquire with your consultant about this - it never hurts to ask!

  5. Designer handbags traditionally hold their value, so they are great for buying and selling.

Now, my closet makes me so happy! I have been able to buy new clothes without any guilt since I can always have the option to sell it. I consistently receive credits and discounts from the RealReal and try to take advantage of those perks - I even bought a new Chanel Wallet that I adore, but I could not afford buying it new. I’m currently eying some handbags, and may treat myself when the holiday season rolls around! 

Consigning is easier than ever now. All I had to do was request a free shipping label, and I used an old box I recycled to send some of my items in. For the rest of my items, I may choose to do a no contact curbside drop-off. If you would like to start selling, book a free video appointment and consign safely from the comfort of your own home!