Entertaining 101: Our Favorite Hostess Gifts Under $75

Entertaining may look a little different than usual right now, but you can safely attend a small group gathering with friends and family.

And when you do, the old rules of being a good, gracious guest still apply: thou shalt not show up empty-handed. 

Finding the perfect gift for a consummate host is easier said than done, and doing it on a budget is even more difficult. We did the hard work for you: consider this your 101 course on all things entertaining, starting with the perfect gift ideas to bring to your next gathering all priced under $75. From tabletop accessories that will make a setting pop to the party games you'll want to play all night long, shop our hostess gift picks below. 

Elevate Their Tablescape With a Thoughtful Gift

While your host will no doubt have your tabletop set for the evening, you can still gift something for them to use for future gatherings. After all: you want to gift something that you know the recipient will actually use, and a host will always need table accessories! Woven placemats will add an elegant feel to a tabletop, while a beautiful pink vase is a thoughtful centerpiece to elevate their next tablescape.

Food and Drink Essentials Are a Universally-Loved Gift

When in doubt, opt for bar or dining accessories as your gift. A new pitcher or beautiful serving bowl will add to their entertaining collection, plus a marbled cheese board will work for any aesthetic. If you're still not sure what your host would like, you really can't go wrong with a bottle of alcohol–a zesty Ketel One Botanicals bottle is our one-and-done vodka cocktail gift of choice. 

Group Games Are a Crowd-Pleasing Gift

A game is truly the gift that keeps on giving: you can bring a set of playing cards or a puzzle for your host, and you can use it for the first time at your gathering. Go for a whimsy design, like the ByRobynBlair candy-inspired puzzles or Jonathan Adler's bold blue game set. You can also gift a mini speaker for even more entertainment (after all–music is a must-have!), or a card game that will get the whole group involved. 

A Household Staple Will No Doubt Be Appreciated 

If you want to steer clear from a food or drink-related gift, you could also choose something that will add to your host's home. Gifting a super-luxe soap set is both supremely useful and thoughtful, while a chic candle will warm up their space. If you're a guest for a few days, consider gifting a throw blanket or a custom frame as a thank you–that way, you can give something that adds a new dimension to their home.

*Team SN's picks are selected based on products we truly love. Note: this article does contain affiliate links, and we will receive a commission if you purchase a product linked here.