Basic Beauty Test: Mascara Edition

I tried four different mascaras with three goals in mind:
Volume, depth and a long-lasting wear. I curled my lashes each day and applied just one layer of mascara so that it was a fair test throughout. Here are the results.


Here are my bare lashes. I like to start with my face makeup and save mascara for last!

Charlotte Tilbury

Performance:  Volume: 9- my eyelashes were longer than usual! I really liked it. Fullness: 8.5- almost the perfect amount of darkness. Application: 8.5- it was pretty smooth, but a few lashes were chunky. How long it lasted: 8.5- my eyelashes still had a ton of length when I got home at 7pm. Fall out: 7- for some reason only one eye had a lot of fall out but the other eye was perfect..? 

 Final thoughts: I really liked how my mascara looked especially the first few hours as they were longer and fuller than usual. Because of the end of the day fall out, I would suggest this mascara for events where you are looking for full, long lashes, but not something to last you through the whole day! 

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Performance:  Volume: 8- I had great height and more length than usual. Fullness: 7- It was dark, but maybe a little too dark for my liking. Application: 5- This was the clumpiest mascara I have used so far and even after separating it and cleaning my eyelid, the second I went to take a picture of my eye it already shed onto my face. How long it lasted: 6- The depth in color really lasted whereas the other ones really faded. But, my lashes didn't remain voluminous.  Fall out: 8- Not too bad. There wasn't too much fall out.

Final thoughts: The bristles in this mascara holds a lot of product. I would suggest wiping a lot of it off prior to use so you can avoid clumps.

Kevyn Aucoin

Performance:  Volume: 7- My lashes were definitely longer the day before, but I still got a good lift. Fullness: 6.5- Not as dark as I usually like them. Application: 7.5- Pretty smooth and not clumpy, but my eyelashes were intertwined- that could be a me problem though! How long it lasted: 5- This lasted me around 3 hours, max. Fall out: 2- By 7pm I had major fall out and my eyes were very black underneath.

Final thoughts: I love so many of their products, but was a little disappointed with this mascara. It had major fall out and did not last long. I basically had racoon eyes at the end of the day.

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Performance: Volume: 8- My eyelashes got a good amount of height. Fullness: 8- I have pretty light eyelashes so it gave me just enough coverage to avoid an overpowering look (which is ideal for during the day). Application: 7- Good! It doesn't come on too clumpy, but I did need to seperate a few lashes.  How long it lasted: I would say from 9am-5pm around 5pm the color was significantly lighter. Fall out: 9- I had zero fall out! 

Final thoughts: I really love this mascara. It is good for any occasion, especially if you need something long lasting throughout the whole day. 

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