Basic Beauty Test: Anna Tries 3 Different Makeup Removers

I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect makeup remover.

I feel like this is always a product I'm always changing up because I usually buy the first one I find when I'm running out. So, I wanted to test out three different makeup removers to see which ones actually work to clean my face.

For this basic beauty test, I'll be trying out a wipe, a pre-cleanse makeup melt, and a liquid makeup remover to see which is the most effective and what each formula is best for. I used each product at the end of the day, to take off my typical everyday face of makeup. I took photos to share my results after a one wipe test–I did just one wipe around my face to see how much makeup came off and how my skin reacted. Read on for my full review of each one! 

Billie's Wonder Wipes

I had a full face of makeup on, so I decided to use Billie's makeup wipes before I washed my face. I was completely shocked by how well it took off all my makeup in just one swipe! And, the wipe didn't irritate my skin at all–the formula is really gentle. These makeup wipes are also really well priced given how amazing the quality is.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I will 100% add these makeup wipes to my daily routine. They're also a perfect choice to just clean and refresh my face in general, if I don't have time to fully wash my face. The Billie wipes are a really great option for everyday use!

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Charlotte Tilbury's Take It All Off Genius Eye Make-Up Remover

I tried this makeup remover after wearing a full face of makeup all day. This Charlotte Tilbury formula was definitely the more heavy-duty formula of the three, and it really got all the makeup off at once. You don't need a lot of product for it to work, so the bottle will go along way. The only thing I noticed is that it did add a little redness to my skin. It wasn't for long and it wasn't a severe irritation or itchiness, but I just noticed some redness that was gone after 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts: I think this makeup remover is really good for a full glam look and definitely will be using this product for when I have a full face of makeup or a more aggressive eye or lip look! Overall, I really liked it and think it will be good to remove some of my heavy-duty beauty looks!

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Dermalogica's PreCleanse Balm

This Dermalogica product is meant to be used before you wash your face to help take off the makeup. I loved loved the way it smelled and felt super refreshing on my skin! The only thing I didn't love was that it wasn’t in a pad form so I had to wipe it off with a towel, and then my towels would get dirty with makeup. I would suggest using this pre-cleanser and instead of drying your face with a towel, go straight in with their cleansing gel so that it wipes it all off before you get to using the towel

Final Thoughts: Overall, I love this product but I'm going to use it within my washing face routine as I always want that extra step to make sure I am clean!

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Anna's Final Thoughts

For everyday use, I would likely use the Billie Wonder Wipes first then Dermalogica's PreCleanse Balm, followed by a face wash. For nights I'm wearing more makeup, I would replace the Billie wipes with the Charlotte Tilbury formula. As you can tell, I clearly liked all of these makeup removers and I think they serve different purposes in your routine! I would get the ones that fit what you need most–an everyday remover, or a more heavy-duty option? Or even something to make sure you are extra clean before cleansing? Either way, you can't go wrong with one of these removers!

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