4 Jewelry Brands Arielle's Obsessing Over

There’s no better way to accessorize than with something sparkly.
Arielle loves adding new jewels to her looks to add a little something extra. She’s been on the hunt for new brands that make beautiful pieces while still mixing in some of her old standbys, too. Check out her favorite jewelry lines below!


"I think she brings such a unique take on jewelry by incorporating elements of ether and astrology. Her collection has so much meaning behind its pieces and I hold each purchase near and dear to my heart." – AC

Carolina Bucci

"Another new favorite of mine. Her pieces are fun, young, quirky, but luxurious at the same time. I love how she incorporates rainbow to a bunch of her styles and it's FAR from cheesy – it's everything but. I also love being able to personalize a lot of my everyday pieces from her by adding my girls’ names or their initials." – AC

Photo via: @carolina_bucci

Jenna Blake

"She is a new favorite of mine. I love the stones she incorporates into her pieces like turquoise, rubies and lapis. I get a vintage vibe from all of her pieces and it feels like they've been a million different places and worn by so many different people." – AC

Photo via: @jennablakejewelry

Alexa Leigh

"Of course I need to throw my best friend in here! If you're looking for some fun, everyday, affordable pieces of jewelry – she's your girl. However, a lot of the newcomers discovering her brand don't know about her fine jewelry collection that she has had since 2013. They are some of my favorite pieces in my closet that I still wear to this day. Her new rings that are coming out are what I am most excited about!" – AC

Photo via: @alexaleigh_

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