You Ask, We Answer: Introducing Our New Advice Column

Welcome to our new advice column, "You Ask, We Answer." 
One of the best things about Something Navy is our community–and we created this new advice column with you in mind. We're going to ask our followers what they need help with at the moment, and there's no topic too big or small for us to cover. While we won't have the same advice as your mom or therapist, consider us your anonymous support person here to guide you and help you live your fabulous life to the fullest!  From relationship issues to career dilemmas, we'll be covering it all in "You Ask, We Answer." For our first column, we'll be tackling friendships–read on for your questions and our advice. 

How Do I Make Friends in a New City?

Moving somewhere new and creating a network of strong friends is no easy task, and yet friendships are more important than ever when you're setting into a new town. 

Find Activities and Hobbies You Love: Whether it's a workout studio or an art class, take some time to get really invested in hobbies and activities you love. From there, make an effort to get to know others who frequent the same spots or are attending the same classes. It might feel awkward to take a chance and start a conversation, but you already have something big in common which means you already have something to talk about! This is particularly difficult during COVID, but as soon as local spots open up near you, make sure you become a regular and get to know some familiar faces nearby. 

Ask to Be Set Up: A blind date is one thing, but a blind friendship meetup is quite another. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it! Ask everyone (and I mean everyone–your friends, family, colleagues, that random girl you knew in high school, or the kid you went to camp with one summer when you were 12) if they know anyone in your new area and if they say yes, ask for an introduction. While you won't necessarily meet your best friend this way, you'll at least get to grow your network a bit. Meeting one new person is the first step to making a new group of friends! And it's okay if the idea of this scares you–meeting new people is scary, but just think of how happy you'll be if this results in a lasting friendship! 

Meet People Through an App or Facebook Group: Finding friends virtually is a very 2020 way to grow your community. Bumble BFF is specifically made for friendships, while local Facebook groups can introduce you to tons of nearby people. Couples have been meeting virtually for years now, so why not take a page out of that book to meet your new bestie? 

How Can I Keep Long Distance Friendships Alive? Particularly During Quarantine, I'm Keeping In Touch With Friends in Different States!

Long-distance friendship is hard work. Be patient with yourself and with your friend–you will get into a good routine to stay connected, but it requires a bit of work to get there! 

Plan your calls or Facetimes in advance, and stick to them: If you want to make sure you still have time to connect with your long-distance friends, pick a date that's 4-6 weeks away and put it on both of your calendars to be a virtual hang. That way you're planning far enough in advance that you know they'll be free, and you have something to look forward to. Pro tip: pick a Sunday or Monday night–people are usually home preparing for their week of work ahead and can make time to chat!

Watch TV Shows or Movies at the Same Time: If you can coordinate your next binge watch of The Office at the same exact time, you'll have endless things to casually discuss every day. It will make you feel closer together while distance-wise, you're both in the same exact spot.

Send Each Other Mail: Yes, you should physically go to the post office and send a letter to your long-distance friend. This doesn't have to be anything expensive or fancy, but next time you're at your local drug store checking out and you see her favorite magazine, why not pick it up and mail it over to her? It's a simple gesture that screams thoughtfulness–and will be such. nice surprise for her to receive. 

Plan a Trip or a Visit: While trips and vacations are on hold at the moment, sometimes you need something to look forward to in the future. Whether it's a weekend getaway somewhere fabulous in 2021 or a trip to visit your bestie at her new hometown, having a reunion trip to look forward to is hugely important. 

Have the Weather In Their City Saved In Your Phone: This may sound simple, but it will make you feel a little more connected if you know what their forecast is. Sometimes you need an excuse to just check in and start a conversation with your friend–that's where the weather can come in handy: an upcoming storm or 10 days of straight sunshine can both be convo starters.