How to Move In Quarantine (Without Going Crazy)

When I first moved to the city, my priorities for my apartment were very different.
When it came to location and amenities, I had very different needs than I do now, especially since we are working from home for the foreseeable future! That is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to move.

I used to live in the East Village and my apartment was quite dark and small, which made it hard for both my roommate and I to work comfortably in the same space. Luckily, our lease came to an end in August so we decided to start looking for somewhere new to live this summer.

What was nice about looking for an apartment while in quarantine was that most buildings had detailed virtual tours available for almost every unit in their building. I didn't feel the need to start seeing apartments in person until I had narrowed down my search to my top three choices! Right now, a lot of people are leaving the city so when it came to the negotiating process it was not that hard to work out a deal. Most buildings want to fill their units as soon as possible, so they’ll work with you to make a deal and they want you to sign on the spot!

I spent the majority of my quarantine out in Long Island with my parents because of how little space my roommate and I had in our apartment. When it came time to packing, the process was a little more hectic than usual because I hadn't really been living out of my apartment. I had to make sure I had all of the belongings that I had accumulated in Long Island in addition to all of my belongings that I had kept in Manhattan. Once everything was packed up, we booked the same moving company that had moved us last summer called Great Movers. I would highly recommend this moving company–they are wonderful to work with and are not too expensive!

I was a bit nervous about moving in the pandemic because everything is so uncertain at the moment. I had to go back and forth over whether it was worth it to re-sign my lease right away or move home with my parents for a little bit while figuring everything out! But now that New York has entered phase four and the city is a little more lively, I’m so happy I made the decision to move into a new apartment! Even though it was logistically different from previous moves, I’m thankful that I could safely look at apartments and had a top-notch moving company to make the process a breeze.