The 20/30-Something Guide to Miami

As you know, we love Miami!
Arielle frequently takes trips down to Florida with the girls and Sydney lived there for four years, so between the two of them, we’ve put together the ultimate guide of great places to visit, no matter what your age!

30-Something Where To Eat

AC Approved Restaurants

Photo via: @mandolinmiami

SURF CLUB ($$$$)

Besides the fact that it is in our hotel and extremely convenient, this is one of my favorite spots.


Great Mediterranean food is hard to come by in Miami and this restaurant blows even my favorite New York spots out of the water. The ambiance and the vibe are also hard to replicate – whenever I’m here, I feel like I am in Greece!

MAKOTO ($$$)

Makoto is my go-to spot. Sometimes, I eat here 3 nights in a row because of how delicious it is. The food and service are second to none.


Joe’s is a must in Miami. It is one of the oldest and most classic restaurants you can find. It is a great place to go with a large group because of the family-style feel. The wait can be daunting, but I promise it is worth it! So is the $7 fried chicken!!!!

AC Approved Activities

Photo via: @ariellecharnas 


No explanation needed. What is better than your toes in the sand and keeping your children occupied for 6+ hours?


No Miami trip takes place without me checking out Bal Harbour. Most of my shopping is online these days because of my hectic schedule, but when I have time, perusing beautiful stores is always the best!

AC Approved Activities (Kid-Friendly)

Photo via: @ariellecharnas


Brandon and I took the girls here for the first time on our last trip and they absolutely loved it!!! It is a drop-in art and science class so your kid will be happy no matter what they’re into.


This art studio comes to you! They do in-house art lessons for kids, which is awesome on a rainy day.

POD 22

Pod 22 is the ultimate “mommy and me” destination. You can also have your kids attend supervised free play while you get a mani/pedi. The best part about Pod 22 is that you can drop in anytime unannounced!


This place is awesome for kids that like action. It has laser tag, rock climbing and even bumper cars. FunDimenson is definitely a place where your kids won’t get bored and will want to go back.

20-Something Where To Eat

Breakfast + Brunch

Photo via: @puravidamiami


There are a bunch of these in Miami and they are delicious. I went to The University of Miami and we even had one on our campus… safe to say you could find me here everyday! It’s a healthy, organic cafe with the cutest decor aesthetic. The salmon avocado and super greens smoothie are my favorites!


The OG hangover spot. Huge portions of everything that you could ever need to cure you after a night out in South Beach… such as giant, crispy chicken fingers, french fries and pancakes. But, they also have great, big salads to take to the beach. 

Hot tip: also a go-to late night spot!


Always good. The brunch is a great deal with a variety of food and cocktails! It’s also a perfect option for lunch or dinner with friends.


Photo via: @sydneymastrandrea


I would fly to Miami just for this. My FAVORITE poke not only in Miami, but honestly anywhere. The fish is so fresh, the rice is perfect and they have so many topping options!


The prettiest plant-based restaurant in all of Miami. The decor is a dream and the food is even better! Be sure to order the queso, planta burger and the Frenchie pizza… you won’t regret it!


The BEST place to get a chopped salad in Miami. Another place you could find me (probably too many) days of the week. They also have great sandwiches and the best iced coffee. More of a to-go spot, but a definite favorite.


Photo via: @komodomiami

KOMODO ($$$)

Amazing Asian-fusion spot in Brickell. Not only is the food amazing (must order: Komodo chicken salad, lobster dynamite, and the Grutman Pastrami Egg Rolls), but it is a beautiful indoor/outdoor lounge. And most importantly, if you like peking duck… this is the place to get it! 

SWAN ($$$$)

A must-try in the Design District. Must order: The Caesar salad, mushroom pizza and the corn corn corn. The atmosphere is perfect and the decor is incredible!


My favorite sushi restaurant in Miami! By far. Must order: the butter crab roll, tuna pizza, and wedge salad.

Where To Go (Daytime)

Photo via: @sydneymastrandrea


My favorite beach spot and favorite beach cocktails!


Another great beach option! Feels more private and luxurious, but still a bit of a “scene.”


Amazing shopping and dining options! The whole neighborhood feels like you’re walking through art in itself. Be sure to stop by St. Roch Market for lunch or a snack!


I love the spa, pool, and restaurant here. The Lido is another great spot to eat or grab a drink because it has a beautiful waterfront view. 

Where To Go (Nighttime)

Photo via: @bodegataqueria


One of my favorite places to go out in Miami! From outside, it just looks like a taco shack, but once you go through somewhat of an incognito door you are in the back lounge which is so fun. An added perk – they have great food so it’s a perfect late-night spot, too.


A more recent opening in Miami, but the same concept as New York, London, and Dubai. It’s an exclusive experience and plays great music and has a fun atmosphere.


Whether you are in the Living Room or Saxony Bar, this is a great glamorous and unique option for a night out in Miami.


A cute, moody outdoor wine bar in Edgewater. You order wine inside and bring it outside to the patio where there is music and tons of outdoor seating. You can also create your own cheese board with alllll the fixins. Ha!