Something Travels: Our St. Barths Vacation Guide

Every Friday at the SN HQ there’s always at least one team member with a suitcase at her desk ready to plane/train/automobile away for the weekend. So we’re tapping our staff travel experts to do the heavy-lifting and help you plan your next get-away, so all you have to do is book your flight.
The next time you find yourself craving a beach vacation that’s equal parts sunshine and chic, St. Barths should be at the top of your list. Tara, the resident St. Barths expert on Team SN, has highlighted all the best places to eat, stay and play, so that you can make the most out of your next St. Barths getaway.

Where to Stay

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If you’re traveling to St Barths with a group, definitely look into villa options before going the hotel route! It sounds super luxe, but for a big enough group it can be even more cost-efficient. I go to St. Barths with my family every year—which means anywhere from 8 to 12 people—so we stay in a villa, and have only great experiences to report. Wimco Villas is the company we use to find our vacation homes, and as a bonus, they essentially act as a concierge service once you’re on the island. I believe you can look into villas through VRBO and AirBNB as well.


Cheval Blanc is beautiful and very, very luxe. It’s on one of my favorite beaches, Flamands. If you’re looking to have a fancy, chic and serene trip, Cheval Blanc is for you.


The vibe here is chiller than most hotels on the island, and the price point is slightly easier. I personally love it! It’s right on the beach and the rooms are nice/spacious. Good for families, as well.


I haven’t spent too much time at Le Sereno, but I actually seriously considered getting married here! They are an OG 5-star hotel on the island (recently underwent renovations after Hurricane Irma) and seem to do everything exceptionally well.

Where to Eat: Breakfast + Brunch

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KIKI-É MO ($$)

The cutest dine-in or to-go deli-like spot right in the center of St Barths (the area is called “St Jean”). They have everything from coffee, to eggs and croissants, to juices and smoothies. They have a ginger + cayenne shot, which I recommend if you’re feeling hungover :).


Pearl Beach (which you’ll read more about later) offers a delicious and casual breakfast. The best St. Barths scenario is when you’re able to dunk in the ocean while you wait for your avocado toast.

Where to Eat: Lunch

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You absolutely cannot go to St Barths without visiting Shellona! It’s located right on Shell Beach, which is just that—a beach purely made up of shells. The food, drinks, and vibe at Shellona are A+. And if you’re looking for food recommendations, get the chicken!


If you’re on a party trip, you’ll love Nikki Beach for lunch. It’s definitely a fun time; think sushi boats, champagne showers, and dancing on tables. I’ve learned Sundays are the best days to go.


Jimmy Buffet’s famous “cheeseburger in paradise” place! This outdoor restaurant is in the center of town, and a must-try when you’re craving something very casual, yet very authentic.

Where to Eat: Dinner

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BONITO ($$$)

Bonito checks all the boxes—beautiful view, great food and drinks, chic ambiance.


Tamarin feels like an escape to St Barths’ own secret garden. I have to admit, the setting may beat out the food, but that’s because it’s THAT unique and gorgeous.

L’ISOLA ($$$)

Amazing Italian food in St Barths!! If you’re craving pasta, but still want to get dressed up, L’Isola is for you.

What to Do: Daytime

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There are so many gorgeous beaches on the island, but these are my favorites! Pro Tip #1: Rent a car so you can visit them all!

  1. Saline Beach

  2. Governor Beach

  3. Flamands Beach


A picturesque hike that’s not too strenuous (but suggest wearing sneakers) to the magnificent Colombier beach.

SHOPPING IN GUSTAVIA You can shop until you drop (often tax-free!) should you wish in St Barths. They have everything from the most high-end boutiques (i.e. Hermes, Cartier, Louis Vuitton) to local artisan shops. Stop by Pati de St. Barths for the iconic “St. Barths French West Indies” logo T-shirts and other chic souvenirs.


Pearl Beach is a Foley family favorite happy hour destination. I love the design of the beach bar, set right in the sand and steps from the ocean. The bartenders are always very nice and welcoming. It can get pretty rowdy here, with airplanes flying directly overhead!


Eden Roc is a very notable place on the island, and they’ve recently re-opened after undergoing a complete rebuild following Hurricane Irma (which devastated most of the island). I recommend visiting for any reason—whether you choose to stay, have a cocktail or meal, or visit the spa. It’s located in the heart of St. Jean.

What to Do: Nighttime

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LE TI ($$$$)

Get ready for a theatrical performance and, if you’re up for it, they’ll put you in costume too! If anyone remembers the Real Housewives Of New York episode when they go to St Barths and Luann meets the pirate… that was at Le Ti!

BAZ BAR ($$)

A casual but very fun bar with live music in Gustavia. Bars like this are hard to come by in St Barths and it’s become my family’s go-to after almost every dinner.