Something Travels: LA Natives LA Guide

When we’re traveling to a new place for the first time, we want to make sure we’re doing it right.
Team SN is sourcing expert advice on how to make the most of your next vacation. Let us do the heavy lifting so all you have to do is book your flight! When we find ourselves out west, we want to make sure we’re checking out all of the best spots. Anna, the only LA native on Team SN, gives us her expert advice on where to go to make the most out of your next Los Angeles vacation!

Where to Eat

Breakfast + Brunch

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This is really good for both breakfast and lunch and I would try to get a table outside! If you can’t, the inside is really cute, too. Right in the middle of the restaurant is a fun furniture and home decor store and another cute boutique, American Rag. But back to the food… the menu is super, super, long, but honestly, everything is good. What I always order: the pancakes and two eggs combo with house potatoes for breakfast. If you go for lunch, they have the best tuna salad in their tuna melt quesadilla.


It is kind of basic, but it’s a classic and will never disappoint. Both the Melrose and Beverly Hills locations are great, it just depends on what area you want to be in at the time. I always order the smoked salmon bagel and a Spanish granita mild with almond milk and boba. Pro tip: they are known for their boba shakes so I would def get one!


They make the most amazing soft scrambled eggs and avocado toast. Their delicious chocolate cookies are also worth getting, too. It’s in Melrose Place in a little alley behind Alfred’s coffee.


Be sure to get the really yummy crunchy french toast. It’s delicious. They also cater and I had them do my 17th birthday brunch! LOL.


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Go here for the best chopped salad you will ever have. The dressing is like crack. When you order, repeat after me: La Scala chicken chopped salad, no salami, extra dressing. 


I love this place. They have a full menu, but are known for all of their market options of premade sides and mains! Everything is delicious, but I always order the Chinese chicken salad and vegetable soup.  


This is a healthy, organic market. They have juice and smoothie bars everyone loves and my favorite of all is their hot bar. I get a market plate of their roasted turkey and a side of sweet potato wedges, which are amazing, and green beans. Also, their to-go sushi is great. 

Beverly Hills Hotel by the pool ($$$)

 This is a highly known place in LA and most people go to the Polo Bar, but for a cool daytime scene, the restaurant by the pool (The Cabana Cafe) is really good and “IG worthy”. The McCarthy salad is my favorite here.


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The Izaka-Ya by Katsu-Ya ($$) This is my favorite sushi spot that is not crazy expensive. I always order the spicy tuna on crispy rice, a yellowtail jalapeno roll, the spicy rock shrimp and sauteed green beans. 

Dan Tanas ($$$) An old-school, authentic Italian place known for all the classic dishes. It’s delishhhhh! Favorites to order: Eggplant parm, caesar salad, string beans, spaghetti and meatballs. Everything is great! 

Jon and Vinnys ($$) Also kind of basic, but like ugh, it’s just so good. Spicy fusilli, gem lettuce and the LA Woman pizza are my go-to’s. I suggest sharing a bunch of things because you will want to try everything! I also recommend making reservations at least 2 weeks in advance because they book up super quick. It’s also really good for lunch! 

What to Do

Daytime Activities

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  1. Hike in the Pacific Palisades or Franklin Canyon.

  2. Melrose Trading Post: Go on Sundays because the flea market is always fun. Go for good food trucks, cool vintage shopping, etc. 

Nighttime Activities

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Delilah ($$$)

Has more of a lounge vibe and you can also have dinner before it turns into a whole scene. 

Nice Guy ($$$)

Similar to Delilah, both popular right now.

Hyde ($$$)

Definitely more of a club vibe and they have dinner options next door.

Where to Stay


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  1. Le Petit Ermitage

  2. Sunset Tower

  3. Chateau Marmont

  4. Beverly Hills Hotel

  5. The Edition (West Hollywood)

Where to Explore


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Go for shopping and great coffee at Alfred’s.


Check out the reservoir and explore all the restaurants and bars nearby.


Go for all the new restaurants, art museums like The Broad Museum and MoCA, as well as Grand Central Market and The Last Bookstore.


Shopping and eating at the Country Mart is always fun and if you’re in the mood, go for a wine tasting or hit the beach.