So, You Want to Plan a Socially Distant Summer Celebration? Here's How

How do you make a summer celebration COVID-safe?
While it may seem like a celebration of any form might be a longshot at the moment, you can still make plans to toast to the summer in style with a little bit of preparation. All of New York State is currently in phase four of the reopening process, which means social gatherings with 50 or fewer people are allowed. Before you plan anything, make sure your state is allowing social gatherings of any size, and pay attention to the permitted headcount before expanding your guest list! Read on for our favorite tips on how to host a socially distant celebration this summer, along with the necessary precautions to take to ensure you and your guests stay safe.

Go Big With Festive Food

One way to make sure you and your guests stay safely six feet apart is to ditch your usual seated meal celebration and instead have food stations where your guests can grab food one at a time. That means you should go all-out with the menu, and be sure to incorporate super-festive food to help keep the celebratory spirit up. From the appetizers to the desserts, let your food be a constant reminder of who and what you're celebrating!

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Create a Standalone Bar

No summer celebration is complete without a cocktail, but the era of COVID is not the time to be a bartender at your party. Instead, set up a fully stocked bar with various wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic drink options so your guests can make their own drinks safely. Once everyone has a drink in hand, you can make a long-distance toast from six feet apart to make your guests feel welcome. 

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Space Out Seating For Your Guests

One of the hardest parts of entertaining during quarantine is making sure your guests can comfortably sit while staying at a safe distance. To preempt this dilemma, make sure you space out your chairs, lounges, and any other seating with six feet of space between them before the party begins so guests can take a seat without worrying. Yes, it will feel like you're awkwardly placing chairs away from each other, but your guests will no doubt appreciate the chance to sit safely.

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Have Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks Available 

Prior to your gathering, ask guests to wear face masks, but plan on having a few disposable ones available for people to use in case someone forgets. You should also have hand sanitizer placed on any tables so guests can freely use it during the event. And, if anyone is handling food that will be served to your guests, make sure they're using gloves.