5 Festive Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is just around the corner, and even though this year may look different than usual, there are still ways to celebrate!

Halloween is not the most pandemic-friendly holiday, so we have to get even more creative than ever. Team SN loves Halloween, so we put our minds together to come up with ways to get into the spooky spirit, while staying safe! From mask-friendly costumes to at-home activities, read on for five fun ideas you can try as you celebrate Halloween this year.

Turn Your Home into a Halloween Wonderland

Bring the spooky home with you this year, and try trick or treating at home! If you have kids or (family and friends that are kids at heart), go from room to room "trick or treating." How to do this, you ask? Each room in your home will have a new candy or activity. Have someone behind the door to open it and participate with your kid to make them feel like they are trick or treating for real. Decorate each door with a different theme to really go all out!

You can also make this adult-themed! Instead of candy and child-friendly activities, have a new spooky shot, creepy cocktail tasting, or spine chilling truth or dare item to experience in each room. Small groups are a must this year, and so use Halloween as an excuse to have a small dinner party! Go all out with decorations, incorporate pumpkin into your menu, and have spooky sweets and treats for your guests to enjoy. And, challenge your guests to make costumes from things they have at home–even better if they can incorporate a mask!

Image Courtesy of Glamsquad

Get Creative With Your Halloween Makeup

Planning your Halloween costume is one thing, but plotting out your Halloween glam look is quite another. And this year, you're encouraged to get really creative with your makeup. Make sure you're prepared to go all-out with your beauty look, AKA enlist the help of Glamsquad. You can book their Halloween services now on their site and app, and they're offering a new mask-friendly "Eyes-Only" makeup service, so you can create an over-the-top look around your eyes and elevate your Halloween look while keeping it mask-friendly. Getting glam just got even better: SN readers can use the code SNGLAM20 for $20 off your first Glamsquad service, hair, makeup, or nails until 12/30/2020.

Costumes Aren't Canceled (Just Different!)

A lot of things are canceled this year, but in our book costumes are not! Take advantage of every opportunity to wear a costume, even if you're just going to brunch or having a scary movie marathon at home. Incorporate your mask into your costume, and be as creative as possible–draw a witch's face, a skull's mouth, or vampire teeth on the front of a disposable mask!

This year, many parades and trick or treating traditions are turning into socially distant Halloween car parades. Dress up in a group costume, and even incorporate your car as part of your costume. Flintstones, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde anyone?

Virtual costume contests are the way to go this year, so set up a Zoom and invite all your friends. To up the stakes, pick out e-gift cards as awards. Have everyone submit a posed photo and vote for your favorites!

Image by Phil Hauser Via Unsplash

Use Instagram as Your Halloween Guide

Sometimes the best part of dressing up in a costume is the Instagram you get to post the next day. Spice up your Insta feed by heading to some Instagram-worthy spots in NYC and take pictures with your friends! Visit Pier 17 Pumpkin Arch, The Great Pumpkin Path at NYBG, and head to all-out decorated townhouses all over the city. Or create your own Instagram-worthy background at home: set up a sheet with some spooky decorations and get creative with your poses and lighting. You may end up with the best (and most photogenic) Halloween yet!

Bring the Scary Movies Home

Host a scary movie marathon in person or over Teleparty, where you can participate in virtual movie marathons and chat about what you're watching in real-time. Make Halloween-themed popcorn and drinks, and get cozied up at home! Wear some orange and black loungewear, and set the mood with orange string lights, and blankets (to hide under during the extra scary parts). To finish off the Halloween vibe, light some pumpkin spice candles to immerse yourself in the full experience.

Now all that's left is picking the scary movie of your choice. On Netflix, you can stream Silence of the Lamb, The Addams Family, and Poltergeist now. On Hulu, you can watch The Cabin In the Woods or Blumhouse Presents Into The Dark. On Amazon Prime Video, stream The Amityville Horror, Texas Chasinsaw, and The Invisible Man, to name a few. Watch these picks–if you dare.